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Gregge’s desire was to have booklets sized 4X7” to easily fit into your shirt pocket, pants pocket, or time manager. You can open to any page wherever you are and receive concise and inspiring messages from Gregge’s original works.

Booklets are available as part of our Booklet of the Month Series subscription or individually. The subscription price for 12 booklets is $130. The price when ordered individually is $11.00 per booklet, and it is essential, if you are not a subscriber, that you indicate the title of the booklet and the quantity you wish to order. All prices include shipping and handling.
The contents of all sixty-three booklets in The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen are now catalogued for you. Seek out your topic in A-Z Index then use identifying notations from the Index of Volumes to find specific booklet and page number you need in your search. This gem is an invaluable resource to save you valuable time.

In preparation for specialized training in the Far East, Gregge experienced intimate astral communications. Echo reverberates some of these mystical communications to reveal what occurs between heaven and earth.

The 2011 Booklet of the Month Series: Open Secrets
Entire 2011 12-Month Booklet Subscription - $130

January: Open Secret – Mystical Longings

What makes this work exciting, especially as you go further along, is the awareness that every time you open one door there is another and then another and then another. You can begin to get a glimmer of being a part of something that is, indeed, infinite. GT

February: Open Secret – Revealing Habits

To change a habit, you deny the habit unit information. Something has to fill that space since there is no such thing as a void in the Universe. You are then in a position to put something else into that space. Deny repetition. GT

March: Open Secret – The Nature of Feminine Truth

You are in control of your life. No matter how much energy you use, you cannot use it up, nor can you add anything to it. You can do whatever you want to do. This does not make you more of what you are. It makes you more intelligent. GT

April: Open Secret – The Hidden Worth of New Wealth

We prove the worth of the mystical Law from our own personal involvement. How brilliant can you be, and how much can you apply? Limitation occurs in wishing to be greater, to do more, and to be more creative in an expanded form, but we are unwilling to give up what we have in order to go forward. GT

May: Open Secret – An Air of Optimism

The basis of metaphysics is that the amount of power that resides within a person is unbelievable. Whatever pattern you are currently weaving with your attitude actually exists. It is your state of consciousness that determines the pattern. No one is confined to physical limits. GT

June: Open Secret – An Honest Performance

You can stop at any time you like and look back at your life experience and do your own evaluation. You can say to yourself, “Look how far I have come.” There is no need to wait until your dying day to do this. GT

July: Open Secret – Creative Powers Released

The more consciousness tends to learn, the more it forgets. To learn something new you have to give up something you have already learned and applied. You do not need it anymore, and you can give it up because it doesn’t do you any good. In order to bring in the new and release creative powers, consciousness gives up basics to absorb the advanced. GT

August: Open Secret – Karmic Identifiers

Identifiers are based on cycles of experience up to a point of awareness. Consider how you colored a picture when you were a little child. You didn’t stay within the lines. As you went along, you could see improvements. We have experiences. We get substance and some depth. GT

September: Open Secret – One Original Thought

Knowledge, as a mystic looks at knowledge, is the application of the unseen laws that make the Universe operate. The ability to see beyond is inborn in every one of us. Be an observer because anything and everything is available to you. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) is not exceptional. It is natural for everyone. GT

October: Open Secret – Ancient Rituals

A magician is an individual who knows how to use mystical Law. This can be a black magician who uses it to make it do what he wants it to do and to make it work for him. The white magician uses the same mystical law but for a different purpose and intent. Both are based on energy and a vortex that is happening exactly as it is meant to be. GT

November: Open Secret – Invisible Action

Energy is either being transferred or it is being slowed down enough that it becomes physically seen. If we ever got to the point that effort did not have to be applied, we would be at point zero – limbo – nothing would happen. GT

December: Open Secret – Sacred Passageways

There is a basic rule in mysticism that whatever you know you do not tell anyone. I am required to answer your question, but that does not mean that I tell you all I know since that does not apply to your question. In what has become known as Atlantis is that the masses misused the mystical Law and Atlantis could not last due to misuse. This is why secret societies developed in the temples. GT

The 2010 Booklet of the Month Series: The Journey Continues
Entire 2010 12-Month Booklet Subscription - $130
January: The Journey Continues - Before an Afterlife
Before you incarnated, the whole plan was laid out before you. “This is where you have been. This is what you are. This is where you are going, and these are the conditions required.” Stand-by. GT
February: The Journey Continues - Communication with the Living
Once spoken, a word cannot be taken back. It behooves you to choose every word as if it is the best of all possible choices available to you. You are acting as a spokesperson for the heavens. GT
March: The Journey Continues - Near Life Experiences
It is possible after all these years that you have kept a secret even from yourself. Since it is your “secret”, you are always prepared to deal with it. The challenge is your resistance. You either resist the challenge or challenge your resistance. GT

April: The Journey Continues - A Taste of Devotion
Someday and somewhere you will be so in love with who you are that you will finally get on with what you are. The breakdown occurs when you get distracted. GT
May: The Journey Continues - Sight Seeing
You use your sense of sight more often than any of your five physical senses. It provides you with information about what is going on, to transmit that information into action and to make the necessary cellular corrections for progression. GT
June: The Journey Continues - Sex, Lies and Assumptions
Desire is physically, mentally and spiritually multi-fractional. The initial acceptance of desire proceeds to the next step, or there is a confrontational mode of rejection to fight or flee. Note: Assumptions are a predetermined norm that is not realistic. GT
July: The Journey Continues - Time Travel
There is a spatial time that is yours and yours alone. This is what accounts for your cellular structure is attuned to the solar clock and the solar clock is attuned to your every event. When you are under stress, you are not ticking to your original capacity.
August: The Journey Continues - Economical Rates of Progress
We are on a planet and in a society subject to all kinds of pressures. Economical information about logic, order and sequence gives us unlimited value. GT
September: The Journey Continues - In Search of Wisdom
You can depend upon experiences to advance from where you started your journey. Normal living and growth patterns are staggering enough for just one person let alone for the billions of people we have on the planet. In fact, there are no two opportunities that are the same for even one person. GT
October: The Journey Continues - Mysterious Investigations
Change keeps putting forth different demands and magnifies our strengths and weaknesses. Your consideration is the quality of your consciousness. Intelligent investigation is your direct tie to the Universe and Its infinity. Disasters, accidents and hatred do not touch you unless you are determined to seek out those things.
November: The Journey Continues - The Legacy for Generations
As you recognize the quality of your consciousness tied to law, order, sequence and stability, you provide us with an example of civility that is desperately needed in our 21st Century and for generations to come. GT
December: The Journey Continues - Gifts of Enjoyment
It is your consistent attention to quality choices that bring forth the inexplicable rewards of joy, harmony, beauty, abundance and love. These are universally conceived in rapture as gifts of enjoyment from your contribution to your core level of reality. GT
Entire 2010 12-Month Booklet Subscription - $130
The 2009 Booklet of the Month Series: "Language of a Mystic"
Entire 2009 12-Month Booklet Subscription - $130
January: Language of a Mystic - Originality (1)
“There is a series of events exercised by will action, but there is no beginning. Everything is preceded by something else. What is your known reference point in any given situation? To answer this for yourself during your day’s activities allows for first time awareness and helps you to reach your own decisions.” GT
February: Language of a Mystic - Polarities (2)
““Polarity exists wherever you go in the Universe. There is a polarity, a duality, of the physical and non-physical that makes up the whole, and there is an operating Law of Polarity at whatever point you find yourself. In order to understand what you see, you must separate yourself to be able to apply, absorb, or use what you see in any way you want.” GT
March: Language of a Mystic - Creativity (3)
“Planet Earth did not just happen. There was a considerable amount of preplanning. Earth is preconceived in consciousness and has a blueprint just as each of us is conceived in consciousness with a creative blueprint.” GT

April: Language of a Mystic - Application (4)
“For there to be any physical manifestation, there has to be receptivity because if there is no receptivity, nothing will be accepted. Receptivity is preparing for manifestation and application. There has to be a place prepared for something to happen. When you are unaware and you admit you are unaware, you become open and receptive. .” GT
May: Language of a Mystic - Change (5)
“There is always continuity which is the furthering of energy. When your point of acceptance and awareness has been reached, the space for you to create has been reached. Action is then determined by the direction of your will and creates by observation and discovery” GT Change Happens!
June: Language of a Mystic - Humanity (6)
“Moses parted the Red Sea. Jesus walked on the water. Their essence moved upon their awareness of spirituality. That is divine order. Listen to creation taking place within you. You either recognize your quality or you deny your existence.” GT
July: Language of a Mystic - Awareness (7)
“Increase positive awareness progressively. When you are upset, there is a block in your awareness. Speak out loud what is bothering you, and you will hear what an insult it is to yourself so you cut it out because it is lowering your own quality. This brings you to a fresh perspective, an awareness.” GT
August: Language of a Mystic - Cycles (8)
“There is no power in an unintentional act. An intentional act is the use of transcendental power. Your physical, mental and spiritual energies co-ordinate to do what is necessary to be done as a co-creator. Do you walk as a co-creator? Do you sleep as a co-creator? Is your mind quiet, peaceful and unconcerned with the human elements? Do you shine back to the sun?” GT
September: Language of a Mystic Completion (9)
“The truth is that you are an on-going, forever developing energy, and one finish line leads to another race. What is completion to you? At this point it may be releasing feelings and thoughts and even hopes that do not support an ongoing, evolving you.” GT
October: Language of a Mystic Innovation (10)
“Preparation is the starting point whatever your current consideration is as a innovator. Where are you? Point to yourself and in no other direction and for no other reason. Growth is getting out of the pecking order to determine who you are. Be more involved with who you are rather than who you think you are. The person who then issues forth radiates.” GT
November: Language of a Mystic Universality (11)
“Where are you coming from? How honest are you? How deeply do you intend to look at yourself? To concentrate on knowing yourself, you realize you seek nothing from the world. There is nothing the world can give you. This is the life of aware involvement. The self knows itself beyond all things and is willing to sacrifice itself for nothing.” GT
December: Language of a Mystic The Story: Winter Solstice 2009 (12)
The Story represents something that is not touched by the human element. It is THE STORY of the Universe Itself, in its purity. Each year, at Winter Solstice we plant the new seed. Here is the marvelous promise.
Entire 2009 12-Month Booklet Subscription - $130
The 2008 Booklet of the Month Series: Lessons in Living
Entire 2008 12-Month Booklet Subscription - $130
January: Life: The Staircase Of Many Steps
As we move right along into our new 2008 Booklet of the Month series, we find that Gregge is indeed right: "the more you know, the more you know you need to know." How could it be otherwise as students of mysticism dealing with infinity?
"When I finished my mystical training in the Far East, I became even more convinced that life moves only when we do, and that if we wish to stand still, life will come to a halt beside us" - GT
Chapter 1 - Watch Your Step
Chapter 2 - Action or Inaction
February: Fanned Fire And Forced Love Never Did Well
As February arrives, our thoughts turn to our loves and loved ones. However in this month's booklet, Gregge speaks about Universal love and self-love.
"If you uncover one grain of honest Universal truth here, you have opened up the smallest porthole. That is all you need in order to see out. Look how small your eyes are, but how much you can see with them!" - GT
Chapter 1 - Lighting The Flame
Chapter 2 - Doing Well
March: Deserve Success and You Will Command It
Our March booklet, Deserve Success and You Will Command It, details the various aspects of potential from the human and from the Universal vantage points. There are many advantages when you keep one eye on the Universe and one eye on the planet. What better reason for two eyes?
"The power of potential is not the power of human, but rather the spiritual Power inversted in us on a Universal level." - GT
Chapter 1 - Cosmic Command Position
Chapter 2 - The Yardstick for Success

April: Promises Are Debts To Be Met
Our April 2008 booklet, Promises Are Debts To Be Met, explores the four elements all pledges carry as an integral part of making a promise, and the individual's ability to make a pledge.
"A debt that is never met becomes a karmic debt. You cannot cheat the Universe." - GT
Chapter 1 - The Debt to Allegiance
Chapter 2 - Promises to Be Met
May: Pleasure is Short - Wisdom is Infinite
In metaphysics it is essential to have a need. You cannot make something a necessity that is not a necessity to you. For you to feel the vital need leads to seeking. For one reason or another, you feel you cannot do without the soothing of discovery.
"Does what you say you have learned and now know become a part of the structure of your life from that point forward? We are to make the best of the short time we are here. Time is not the issue. Application of the knowledge you have and acquisition of further knowledge is the issue." - GT
Chapter 1 - The Letter
Chapter 2 - Pleasure Revisited
June: Impatience Fishes In An Empty Pond
"Fundamental mystical knowledge, applied in daily life, is to use your Life power in order to direct energy. Are you doing what you want to do? Does that question propel you into frustration because of reasons you have given yourself that it is too selfish to consider such nonsense? How about excuses you have used for so long that you actually believe you can wait until the children are grown or for retirement before you live the life you want?" - GT
Chapter 1 - Time Waits for No One
July: To Know Another, Know Thyself
“It is time to understand that people are agents of the Universe, and that they are not Source. Such a realization is often all it takes in order for you to feel the comfort and security you desire.” - GT
Chapter 1: Who Cares?
Chapter 2: Who Am I? Who Are You?
Questions and Answers
August: Give Nothing, Get Nothing
“You are familiar with the idea of nothing ventured, nothing gained, but are you interested in discovering deeper meanings? Such is the mystical way of Life.” - GT
Chapter 1: Take Nothing for Granted
Questions and Answers
September: Learning Without Experience is a Bell Without a Clapper
“A bell without a clapper does not have the experience of being a bell. It is just a cup turned upside down. There is no action, no sound. And, so it is with the physical body. Without consciousness, there is no Life force.” - GT
Chapter 1: The Clapper
Chapter 2: The Bell
Questions and Answers
October: Deeds Are Fruits - Words Are Leaves
“Metaphysics is ninety percent serendipity. You kick through the leaves and all of a sudden there is something hidden there that you have never noticed.” - GT
Chapter 1: Before the Leaves
Chapter 2: In Deed
Questions and Answers
November: An Empty Heart Makes An Empty Purse
“The Universe is forever moving outward and expanding. All that space is going to be filled, and one of the things it is going to be filled with is the things you are saying and doing. In effect, you are always putting something into the purse.” - Gregge Tiffen
Chapter 1: Magnetic Reality
Questions and Answers
December: Faith Is Abundance In The Making
"Trust is the act of conviction that faith will not harm you." - Gregge Tiffen
This 22 page, two chapter booklet is designed as a Winter Solstice 2008 SPECIAL EDITION and includes a centerfold, full color picture of Gregge. The pearlessent cover with royal purple ink is the new look for all 2009 Booklets of the Month.These will be continue to be the 4x7 inch size that has become so popular and convenient for easy access. Chapter titles are Control, Faith and Trust and In the Making. The section for Questions and Answers takes into consideration the Universe creating bad as well as good, establishing new personal energy patterns, and what to do when enthusiasm turns to discouragement. Another question among many is, "How can I make this knowledge my reality?"
Entire 2008 12-Month Booklet Subscription - $130
The 2007 Booklet of the Month Series: Seasonal Reflections
Entire 2007 12-Month Booklet Subscription - $130
January: The Significance of Beginning
One dictionary definition of new is "having recently acquired an improved status."  And so it is; Winter Solstice has occurred, Nature has begun Her new cycle, and all of us have the opportunity to harmonize and benefit with this fresh cycle as we recognize the significance of beginning anew. Our January booklet, The Significance of Beginning, offers this reminder:
"There is not just one world available to you. There is another world, and you have the power to choose where you wish to reside." - GT
February: The Numerology Of Love
For the month of February, we offer metaphysical knowledge on the Numerology of Love:
"Love is a 4-letter word. It is the sequence of the energy in the letters that define how the manifestation of the word will flow" - GT
March: It's Springtime - Flow With The Power Of Nature
The March booklet leads us into new discoveries about our responsibilities, not burdens, during the short time we are on the planet. Seasons come and go; change happens! Don't get left behind.
"Nothing in the Universe renews. Everything begins its own life in its own place with its own purpose. Within this truth is a great metaphysical lesson." - GT

April: Tax Time - Are You Taxing Yourself?
The April booklet shows how you are not destined to drown in tears, gurgling in frustration, and claiming "foul play" even at tax time.
" Accusing and complaining are learned, negative habits. They proliferate as they are used." - GT
Chapter 1 - A Year Around Approach
Chapter 2 - Investment Strategy
Chapter 3 - Efficient Investment Management
May: Mother Earth
The May booklet gives us a Metaphysical view of "Motherhood" in all its forms.
"As individuals we are meant to allow empowerment of Mother Nature within ourselves. We do that by embracing experiences that give form to new life.We expand. We grow. We thrive out of honor and respect for all that is being given to us." - GT
Chapter 1 - Children Everywhere
Chapter 2 - Mother's Message
June: Father Time
The June booklet gives us a Metaphysical view of "Father Time" and what that means to each of us.
"There is a way to use Father Time as a benevolent father who cooperates with the cycles of Mother Nature. Consider seeing life in developmental form. If you are directing your life, you are working against yourself. If you are angry because things are not happening, it is because you are not allowing them to develop. You have become a prisoner in a time warp atmosphere living in someone else's world." - GT
Chapter 1 - Time
Chapter 2 - Father's Message
July: Feeding Freedom: The Meaning of Independence Day
The July Booklet helps us to understand the real meaning of personal independence and how dependence is a basic violation of Universal Law.
"For freedom to be an honest measurement, it cannot be assessed by human standards. That is because we need a reliable base line, and that line can only be found on a Universal level and only within one's self." - GT
Chapter 1 - Your Days of Independence
Chapter 2 - The Courage for Equality
August: Do Angels Take A Vacation?
The August booklet helps us to focus on the messages we recieve on a daily basis from the reflective side of this planetary school.
"There is definitely a major administrative system established in the discarnate for application to our Earth School. How could it be otherwise in an intelligent Universe?" - GT
Chapter 1 - Symbolic Language
Chapter 2 - The "Presents" of Angels
September: What You Should Get From Education
Gregge's September booklet gives us a Metaphysical view of what our education in this "earth" school is all about.
"Each time we are born, we have decided to "go back to school". We know what we want, and we know what we intend to get from the incarnated phase of education. Once again, consciousness is starting on a life journey while using a physical vehicle." - GT
Chapter 1 - Lesson I
Chapter 2 - Magnetic Attraction
October: The Great Pumpkin: Was Charlie Brown Right?
Gregge's October booklet gives us a Metaphysical view of communicating on a cosmic level in this "earth" school.
"Waste is the one thing the Universe does not allow, and to ignore the Great Pumpkin of why you are here is waste. You become a part of your own excitement when you recognize that YOU living YOUR life is YOU being revealed to YOU. Now that is productive!" - GT
Chapter 1 - From Comic to Cosmic
Chapter 2 - The Great Pumpkin of Life.
November: The Power of Giving Thanks
Gregge's monthly booklets are a storehouse of many messages. The Power of Giving Thanks is no exception!
"The power of giving thanks comes through your awareness that you are always in position to receive all the elements the Universe has to offer. Everything is available to you!" - GT
Chapter 1 - The Letters
Chapter 2 - The Source of Power
December: Giving To Yourself
Gregge's December booklet expands upon the true meaning of this season individually and collectively.
"This time belongs to each of you in a very significant way. This is your story of renewal to be realized by you Each of us renews back to full cycle where everything that is mystically and spiritually true is true; each of us accepts the Universe as fulfilling Itself according to Divine Plan; each of us accepts the world as the path to accomplishment." Gregge Tiffen
Chapter 1 - Ten Gifts from the Temple of Ten
Chapter 2 - The Planet's Birthday
Entire 2007 12-Month Booklet Subscription - $130
The 2006 Booklet of the Month
Thanksgiving: The Power Of Prayer - How It Works
This booklet contains original letters and lecture material by Gregge that explores the power of personal communications, and how it is designed to work on your behalf. The information has been compiled into a 17 page booklet measuring 4x7 inches. The beautiful metallic gold cover is inscribed with dark blue ink. It is the perfect size to slip into your shirt pocket, pants pocket or purse with room to spare. It even fits into a 4x9 inch business envelope for mailing with a 63 cent stamp. What a wonderful way to say "Happy Thanksgiving"!
Winter Solstice: The Christmas Story
"Christmas, or Winter Solstice, if you like, is the time when you give up what you have and accept what is being born as the new power within you, the awareness within you, the new person within you." - GT
This booklet explores the esoteric meaning of Christmas just as Gregge has done at his annual Winter Solstice ceremony for more than forty years. The review is for the purpose of expanding upon your personal experience for the season. There is also a section of suggestions to begin your own private celebration. Bound within a gold metallic cover inscribed with dark blue ink this forty page booklet measures 4 by 7 inches. We consider this a true holiday greeting card, sized perfectly to be a stocking stuffer or it can be a meaningful gift all by itself.

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