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Founder and President
In 1983, Patrece established a nonprofit corporation, P Systems, that is designed for research and development using innovative and renewable energy systems.
In addition to her writing and publishing activities, Patrece continues to expand upon public services in research and development through consultations to individuals, corporations, foundations, educational institutions, and the entertainment industry.
Who We Are... We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit research and educational corporation established in 1983 in the State of California to promote and develop an interest in the study, understanding and use of energy systems. Our designs are one-of-a kind and make invaluable meta-physical resource material accessible to the general public for personal and professional development.

What We Do... We customize, design, write, publish and distribute extra-ordinary resource material for individuals, couples, families, corporations, educational institutions and the entertainment industry. We archive original and unabridged manuscripts that provide invaluable resources of information that help shape and change lives. We organize these holdings in order to further develop and promote an interest in the study, understanding and use of energy systems.

How We Do It... Information is disseminated thorough interactive work in classroom settings, corporate boardrooms, group and personal consultations as well as on Internet websites. For more than thirty years, we have matched energy investment patterns to national and international concerns for individuals and professionals of all ages and all walks of life. We use material from scientists and artists in all fields of accomplishment as their accomplishments pertain to new discoveries. Extensive and highly technical training in energy systems was provided to Patrece, Founder and Director of P Systems, by Gregge Tiffen and G Systems International.

Who is Involved... Together we all reduce the amount of effort used in non-productive activities. The continued success of P Systems is collaboration between you, our Board of Directors, and generous financial supporters. As with all non-profit charities, we continue to successfully provide a service to meet your needs and to provide direction to a diversity of interests.

Always for the Better... Since 1983 we have spent full time and commitment educating people about various ways to use and re-direct their energies toward productive transformation and satisfaction. Waste management applies to every aspect of our lives by the insistent choices we make to create our lives. We help create awareness at this very important time in history.

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